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Role of editorial and desktop publishing assistants

Editorial and desktop publishing assistants provide the final layer of quality control to United Nations documents before they are uploaded for electronic dissemination via the Official Document System (ODS) and for limited or on-demand reproduction in hard copy. Their task is to ensure that all elements of the text (especially cover and introductory material, titles, page and paragraph numbers, footnotes, annexes, graphics etc.) are properly assembled and formatted according to standard desktop publishing guidelines and with reference to the original document submitted, including by incorporating final corrections made by editors and translators.


Desktop publishing skills and knowledge of one or more official languages, including English, are required for editorial and desktop publishing assistants. These positions are filled through Inspira and are normally posted on the United Nations Careers portal. In lieu of the GGST which is required for applicants to all other General Service positions at the United Nations, applicants for these positions must pass a specialized entry test to demonstrate desktop publishing skills in their main language.