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Services provided

United Nations copy preparers/proofreaders/production editors provide publishing services in the six official languages of the United Nations to different departments and offices. They work on a wide variety of publications, ranging from those with archival value, such as the United Nations Juridical Yearbook, the Repertoire of Practice of the Security Council and country reports of the Human Rights Council to flagship publications like the annual Millennium Development Goals Report, to brochures and public information materials for conferences and other events hosted by the Organization.

Copy preparers/proofreaders/production editors work closely with each other and are familiar with a variety of languages, especially while creating multilingual publications. They take pride in producing both print and web publications that maintain the highest standards of quality, while upholding the reputation of the United Nations.

Production editors’ workflow

The process starts with the production of the original publication. Once the original text has been translated into all languages, copy preparers create an electronic design template of the publication, in order to lay out the text, figures, tables and other graphic elements in a clear and attractive manner which conforms to the United Nations styles and standards. Once the layout is completed, the publication is proofread against the original version. During this stage, proofreaders confer with editors, authors and officials and use electronic dictionaries, glossaries and databases to resolve questions of content and style. Extensive research is often required.