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What is verbatim reporting?

Verbatim (“word for word”) transcripts are official records of the proceedings of certain United Nations bodies, such as the Security Council, the General Assembly, the Disarmament Commission and other bodies. They contribute to the institutional memory of the United Nations.

Verbatim records, also referred to as procès-verbal or PV, are issued simultaneously in the six official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).

Role of verbatim reporters

Verbatim reporters translate and edit the speeches delivered by delegates, using written statements and audio recordings for reference. Combining the skills of transcription, translation, editing and fact-checking, verbatim reporters ensure the substantive accuracy of all statements, while maintaining a uniformly high standard of style. They work under tight deadlines: records of meetings are issued within a few days, or even overnight in the case of Security Council meetings.

All verbatim reporting posts are at United Nations Headquarters in New York.