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The Global UN DGACM on social media

Ain Shams University
Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
Lomonosov Moscow State University
London Metropolitan University
Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Shanghai International Studies University
The American University in Cairo
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Université Saint-Joseph
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3
Université de Mons
University of Bath
University of Buea
University of Ghana
University of Nairobi
University of Salamanca
University of Westminster
University of Geneva

Get involved!
If you can't attend, watch the UN Webcast of the full conference (live or recorded).
Feel free to use our quote cards in 6 languages.
Feel free to use and share our sample posts.

Post your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #UnivUN17 in the official language of the conference, which is English. We will group questions together by subject and invite speakers to address them live.


MoU Conference hashtag
Make sure you use the MoU conference hashtag. That way, you may well see your posts in the Social Media Report of the conference.

Arabic UN17_الجامعات#

Chinese #大学与联合国2017

English #UnivUN17

French #UnivONU17

Russian #вузыООН17

Spanish #UnivONU17

Other popular hashtags for language professionals
#xl8 (i.e. “translate”), #t9n (i.e. “translation”), #l10n (i.e. “localization”), #t9y (i.e. “terminology »), #1nt (i.e. “interpretation”)

  • Download the official logo of the MoU Conference.
  • During the conference, visit our photo library for live photos. Don't forget that you must add a credit when using our visuals.

Tips on effective social media posts
  • Add visuals to every post, including the MoU conference logo.
  • Live tweet/post (photo or video).
  • Add the MoU conference hashtag (in the relevant language) to every social media post.
  • On Twitter, never start your post with a handle (@).